By Jeff Schonbrun

Saturday, October 16 started out as an overcast day at Bellevue College, the starting point for the Mustangs Northwest fall cruise to LeMay America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, WA. Thanks to Corey Graham, who arranged the cruise, and his wife Angela, conditions improved immediately with the discovery of the Krispy Kreme doughnuts and coffee they provided for the cruise participants.

Cruise participants left Bellevue College around 9:30 am and headed for the back roads of Issaquah. The cruise proceeded through the beautiful fall foliage of Hobart, Maple Valley and Auburn before arriving at the museum. Total drive time was about 1.5 hours due to some unforeseen road work taking place on Highway 18.

When we arrived at ACM, the museum’s staff helped get the cars parked out in front on the promenade and their photographers started taking photos and videos of the cars. Rock star treatment!

The group proceeded into ACM and hit the first of the special auto exhibits featuring Saleen products which included the very first Saleen Mustang, a 1984 fox body, and two Saleen S-1s. There was also a pink Mustang that was built for Steve Saleen’s daughter and a police cruiser that was built for one of the Transformer movies.

Written by MustangAdmin