Fellow Mustangs Northwest Members:

At our October 12th Board meeting, the Board decided it was in the best interest of the club to combine the election of officers with the election of Board members and extend the deadline for nominations to November 10.

This unusual step was taken for three reasons. The first, and perhaps most obvious reason, is the COVID-19 pandemic that restricted club activities and disrupted our normal election process. Second, due to the inability to hold in-person general club meetings, the Board wants to make sure that all members are aware of the elections and have plenty of opportunity to nominate members for these positions.

Finally, there is an even more pressing reason to take this action. The Board has a strong interest in expanding experiences and perspectives on the Board and the officers in order to fulfill the broad MNW mission of preserving, restoring, and enjoying Mustang and Cougar automobiles. This is your club and the Board wants to make sure it represents your interests and meets your needs. Your involvement matters! You don’t need to be a Mustang/Cougar owner or gearhead to be an officer or Board member. All it takes is having a Ford pony car state of mind and a willingness to be an active participant in club governance. If we each contribute a little, no one will be saddled (pardon the pun) with heavy lifting to sustain the club. The following brief descriptions are provided to help you decide which position is right for you.

President: The President presides at all general membership and Board meetings, manages the club’s affairs, and carries out Board decisions.

Vice President: In the absence of the President, the Vice President performs all duties of that office. He/she organizes and conducts an annual awards banquet and serves as the club’s liaison to other clubs. He/she works with the President to organize general meetings.

Secretary: The Secretary attends and records the minutes of all Board and general membership meetings. He/she records and tallies membership votes, conducts club correspondence, and publishes notices of club meetings.

Treasurer: The Treasurer receives and disburses club monies, maintains financial records, and provides a written report of the financial status of the club. The Treasurer has check-signing privileges, but all club checks require two (2) authorized signatures.

Membership: The Membership officer processes applications for membership and membership renewals. He/she is responsible for maintaining the official MNW membership list.

Not quite ready to be an officer? You can still make a difference. Consider being a member of the Board. In addition to the five (5) officers, the Board has eight (8) at-large members. No experience is necessary; Just an interest and willingness to contribute for the good of the club. Here’s what the Board does.

Board: On behalf of the membership, the Board governs, makes policy, and provides overall direction for the club. It approves all general operating expenditures and appoints Special Committees as necessary and desirable. The Board meets once a month.

The nomination process is easy. To nominate yourself or someone else, simply send me the name. We will verify each nominated person agrees to have his/her name placed on the ballot. Ballots will be sent for a vote of the membership following the Board meeting on Monday, November 16. Completed ballots must be received by Tuesday, December 10. If you would like more information on being an officer or member of the Board, please contact:

Glenn Mayer (206.354.7367)

Nancy Atkinson (425.432.0499)

Corey Graham (425.985.7995)

Written by MustangAdmin