Your Mustangs Northwest Officers are President, Nancy Atkinson; Vice President, Gary Page; Secretary, Vesta Scott-Carter; Treasurer, Lois Robinson; Membership, Gary Page; Board Members are Ron Baker, Bob Doran, Ron Foster, Corey Graham, Mike Hunsley, Rob Ogden, and Jeff Schonbrun.

During our April board meeting we formed a committee to further investigate a new venue for Round Up.  The New Venue committee members are Ron Foster, Corey Graham and Mike Hunsley.  Ron is spear heading this for me so we can move forward while things are relatively slow now.  We have eliminated a lot of sites, so we are now focusing on North Seattle College.

It was noted that the website needed freshening up so that was accomplished by Jeff Schonbrun.  Nancy, Rob, Ron Foster, Lois, and Corey are working on cruises for us to take.  The first one is to Remlinger Farms.  They have been so good about letting us use part of their parking lot for our Spring Into Summer we thought we would cruise out there, have lunch and enjoy one another’s company outdoors.  That cruise will be May 29th.  You will receive a separate email about the details of that cruise.  Rob is working on a cruise to the Thunderdome Museum in Enumclaw.  Ron Foster is working on a wine cruise to the Laterus Winery in Maltby.  Lois is looking into another Food Bank cruise to the Maltby Food Bank.  Corey is working on a cruise to the American Car Museum in Tacoma where the Saleen exhibit is still on display.

Also discussed in April was an idea to have a “Pony Tales” article included with the President’s Message.  We want the Mustangs Northwest members to participate.  You can just submit pictures or pictures and an article or just an article to  It would be fun to see your Mustang and hear from you.  I have included an example by submitting a few pictures and a little about how I got started with Mustangs.  You just write about information you may be interested in or have knowledge about.  We look forward to hearing from you.

At the May Board meeting we discussed the possibility of beginning to meet in person.  We will have our June board meeting virtually but hope to have our July board meeting in person.  That is extremely exciting.  Lois is contacting North Seattle College to see if they are open to see when we could have our general meeting in person.  We will keep you updated on that exciting possibility.  Jeff provided us with the beginning of the calendar update.  Since things are starting to open up, we will be sharing that with you as soon as it has been reviewed for accuracy.  The board will be going through the storage unit to see what things are not being used so that we can remove those items and possibly downsize to a smaller unit.  Also discussed were the two computers that the club owns.  One is used for Membership and the other is used for Treasury reporting.  The Treasury computer is wearing out, so we have asked Lois to investigate obtaining another computer.  Jeff suggested looking at 3R Technology for a refurbished computer.

Get those Mustangs shined up and ready for cruising!

Nancy Atkinson
President, Mustangs Northwest

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Written by MustangAdmin