Mustangs Northwest Car of the Month – June 2018

The car of the month is John Nordin’s 2010 Mustang GT. Here is his story.

My first car out of high school was a 70 Buick GS 455, But during the 70s gas crunch I had to get something more gas friendly. My neighbor had a 79 Mustang pace car so I went bought a 2.3 Capri. Still a Ford product and I loved that car but I really wanted a Mustang.

That became a reality in 1984 when I got a black 5.0 Mustang GT stick 20 year anniversary car. This Mustang was fast and I had a lot of fun in it. I got married in 85 and we used that car for our daily driver, however one afternoon I get a call at work that my wife had gotten t-boned and the car was totaled.

We couldn’t afford a new mustang as we only had liability on it, so we purchased, God forbid, a Camaro. I still wanted another Mustang though. That marriage failed.

I was working then driving an Escort. It was not my thing, so I found a red 91 Mustang LX 2.3 liter. I had that car from 91 thru 2010. That little 4 cylinder ran and ran. It was a great Mustang but in 2010 I saw this candy red metallic Mustang glass top at the dealer and I had to have it.

I traded my little 91 and paid cash and never looked back. I entered my first show in 2015 and joined Mustangs Northwest right after. Since I bought the car I have done a few mods, Roush quarter window louvers and a new rear spoiler. Also an axle back Roush exhaust, Ford racing throttle body, and new floor mats. I have several other mods coming and those will be added soon.

Car is registered in the Red Mustang Registry and it has won 2 silvers at MCA nationals and several gold awards at regional Mustang shows. I am pretty active with Mustangs NW and my car does parades, cruises and other events. I will be getting a classic Mustang soon for my wife’s retirement gift and she will be involved with MNW more soon as well.

Written by MustangAdmin