In my 21 years as a member of Mustangs Northwest, if my memory
serves me right, there has never been a memo such as this. The
Pandemic has affected our lives in so many ways causing many changes
in our day-to-day routines. Many people have lost jobs, a business or
the very right to earn a living to support their families.

When I ran for President of Mustangs Northwest, I said that I wanted to
make the club fun and interesting again. In February I organized a
breakfast at the Maltby Cafe. The food and company were great. I had
started a program of giving tickets to members who attended the
meetings. The stubs were to be collected and then drawings were to be
held during the 2020 Round Up for prizes. I had great anticipation for
the success of this idea. Then in March the Pandemic hit and the
restrictions were put in place, and my ideas were dust. Even so MCA
board member Rob Ogden did organize a Pinewood Derby which was
well attended, making sure all the Governor’s rules were followed. Rob
also submitted a report on how MCA was dealing with the Pandemic.
Be sure to read his report on MCA and the Pinewood Derby submitted by Rob.

My point is that your club Officers and Board worked tirelessly to keep the
heartbeat of the club alive. Board meetings were conducted via
computer. Much work has been accomplished this year.

The Roundup committee worked on looking for a new venue. Several
sites were looked at that would meet our requirements. The current
front runner is North Seattle College.

Gary Page, the Membership chairman, presented many new Mustang
owners and non-owners for membership.

Nancy Atkinson., your Judge Committee Chairperson, worked with
committee members updating the rules of the judged shows to mirror
MCA judged rules.

Lois Robinson, your club Treasurer, is happy to report that the club is in
sound financial condition.

Your Web Page Administrator, Jeff Schonbrun, worked feverishly to
educate myself and others who were not one with the computer so the
board meetings could continue. Jeff also worked to improve the club’s

So, what is the future of the club in 2021? With the hard work of the
new Officers and Board members the future looks bright. The past and new
governing bodies of your club have been and will be working toward one
goal, the new and improved Mustangs Northwest Car Club.

Lastly, I want to say it has been a privilege and an honor to serve as your
club President this past year. I also want to thank my fellow Officers
and Board members for their support and help. Without their sense of
teamwork, this year would have been, to say the least, difficult if not a
disaster. I also want to congratulate the new incoming Officers and

I wish you all the best,
Glenn Mayer

Written by MustangAdmin