Mustangs Northwest 2020 Ride and Drive

Thursday, July 16, 2020 7 AM – 4 PM Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA

5/28 – A modified high-performance driving event at Pacific Raceways is back on the 2020 calendar.

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This high performance driving event is designed around an atmosphere of having fun in a safe and predictable way.  You will be placed in one of three run groups based on your personal high performance driving abilities.  The A run group is for seasoned track veterans, qualified racers, and instructors.  The B group is for drivers with a moderate amount of track time but not ready to run in the A group.  The C group is for drivers that have recently been signed off solo by an instructor.  Due to COVID-19 distancing restrictions we will not be accepting novice drivers that have not been signed off for solo nor have instuctors this year. We do accept all licensed drivers from 16 to…..

All of our events are fully staffed with turn workers, a tow truck for quick removal of a disabled vehicle, and local EMT’s.  The Ride and Drive High Performance Driving Event has strict but reasonable rules balanced with an attitude of fun.  

  • Event Contact: Shannon Wolk
  • Registration Fees:
    • Entry fee prior to May 1st – $275
    • Entry between May 1st – 31st – $300
    • Entry June 1st – 31st – $300
    • Late entry up to July 10th – $350

For latest details and to register for this event go to

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