What do ten vintage Mustangs have their owners do on a summer Sunday afternoon? They have them saddle up and to take them to a Jazz, Wine, and Vintage Car Festival. And, listening to the pony’s request, that’s exactly what we did. The weather was pleasant and perfect for the ponies to stretch their “legs”.

Thank you to all of the following Mustangs Northwest participants for sharing their Mustangs:

Lois Robinson – 65 fastback, Connie & Pat Trine 65 convertible, Liz Greene 66 coupe, Ron & Alicja Baker 66 fastback, Nancy Atkinson 67 convertible, Ron & Rich Foster 68 coupe, Jeff & Kathleen Schonbrun 68 convertible, Scott Robinson 68 fastback, Mike Mullen 70 Mach 1, and Ernie Greene 73  Mach 1.

—- Scott Robinson

See Scott’s full story and more pictures here: https://mustangsnorthwest.com/car-shows/past-mustangs-northwest-events/sodo-urbanworks-summer-block-party-2018/

Written by MustangAdmin