If you can’t buy a V-12 for your Mustang, build one!

Brent Edinger

That’s what Brent Edinger did when he decided the 289 in his ’68 coupe just wasn’t big enough. So did he simply drop in a bigger V-8? Nah, that’s too easy. Brent decided he’d put his welding skills to work and cut another 289 in two,  then weld a half to his whole,  making a 12 cylinder,  433.5 cu. In., 7.0L  absolute beast!  Actually the beast is pretty stealthy. Brent likes to keep it that way with its blue low gloss paint, and an exhaust sound that just hints at the extra fun under the hood. If you’re sharp you’ll first spot that fender badge proudly proclaiming a V-12 between the wheels. You look for evidence he’s not just pulling your leg.  Then you see it – the radiator, which is huge, is mounted in front of the radiator support. That’s the only way he could fit the engine’s extra inches inside the engine bay. He didn’t have to cut out the firewall or do any serious sheet metal modification, but he did have to come up with some special parts, like a custom crankshaft and a modified distributor from a Jaguar V-12.  The list of special parts he had to make or modify must be huge. Well done, Brent!

I found Brent and his V-12 at a local drop in event one Saturday morning in North Seattle. He’s a talented guy with a truly unique car.  I hope he’ll show up at one of our future events so we can all get a close look at his amazing Mustang.  

Mike Hunsley

Written by MustangAdmin