Hi there all you Mustang people. This is my first chance to address all of you. I want to speak to a certain group of members right now. You, card carrying, dues paying, Mustang driving GHOST members. I call you ghost members because you’re never seen at the general meetings. You have all the benefits & privileges of membership, but you don’t take advantage of it. Come to the meetings & see the difference.

When I became President, I said I was going to make some changes & I have. Not so much as making changes but bringing back some of the activities from years gone by. As an example, on February 23rd, 14 members met at the Maltby Café for breakfast. Good food & good company was enjoyed by all. I have made it one of my goals to have a cruise to a restaurant for a meal, be it a breakfast, lunch or dinner each month. I also want to do some summer cruises to places of interest & maybe an overnight cruise.

I made a couple of changes to the meetings. Change one. Each time you attend a meeting you will receive a ticket. You write your name on the ticket & said ticket will be collected before the end of the meeting. Tickets will be held until July at which time a drawing will be held for prizes. I’m working with several businesses to acquire donations for prizes. One meeting, one ticket. The more you attend, the better chance of winning. You must be present to win.

Change two, the 50/50 pot. Just like we did in the past you purchase tickets for the 50/50 pot. Tickets will cost $1.00 each or 6 tickets for $5.00. You write your name on the ticket & they will also be collected at meets end. Tickets will be held until July at which time one ticket will be drawn & the winner will receive ½ the pot. Must be present to win.

So, get involved, come to the meetings. Speak up. I want to hear your thoughts & your ideas. Together we can make this club what it used to be.

Your President,
Glenn Mayer

Written by MustangAdmin