Griot’s Garage Tech Session Tacoma, WA March 10, 2018

The tech session at Griot’s Garage on March 10th was an educational and fun

Nancy Atkinson, Scott Robinson, Rob Ogden and Guy DeVivo (l to r)

We got tips and updates from Scott Robinson, Rob Odgen and Bill George on Mustang Clubs of America judging rules, criteria, classes and changes in judging. We also got tips on what the judges are looking for on how to maintain your rides to achieve a higher ranking.

Scott Robinson, Rob Ogden and Bill George (l to r)

We also had a demo by the Griot’s Garage’s Retail Store Manager, Guy DeVivo, on their products and how to clean your ride and really make it shine. They used my car as a demo since it was a convertible. It is amazing what some of their products can do.

After the discussion we had lunch and beverages at Griot’s and some great camaraderie with MNW club members.

Bill Smith, MNW Newsletter Editor

Written by MustangAdmin