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Pony Trails 2018

July 20th – Pony Trails – Depart from Bellevue College at 9:45 AM – Mandatory Driver’s Meeting at 9:30 AM – Participation is FREE This year’s Pony Trails is going to be a family friendly cruise.  The cruise will take a little over an hour to reach our destination (which will be announced at the… Read more »

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People’s Choice 2017 Results

19641/2 – 1968 Stock Mustang 1st Chuck Wolfe 2nd John Benoit 3rd Spencer Woolcott 1969 – 1973 Stock Mustang 1st Larry Lee 2nd Joanne Verble 3rd Jeral Godfrey 1974 – 1978 Stock Mustang 1st Tony Demuth 1979 – 1986 Stock Mustang 1st Craig Watson 2nd Jerry Duppong 3rd Heidi Roth 1987 – 1993 Stock Mustang… Read more »

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Judged Show 2017 Results

Division I Concours Trailered 1971-1973 All Bill & Nancy Johnson Gold Division II Concours Driven 1966 All Wayne & Elaine Hill Gold Leon Spangler Gold 1969-1970 All Brian & Kyle Smith Silver 1969-1970 Boss All Dick Knight Gold Craig Johnson Gold 1974-1978 All Jose Arreola Gold 1979-1993 All Rob Ogden Gold Brian Menz Gold 1984-2004… Read more »