People’s Choice Show

July 16 – People’s Choice Show & All Ford Picnic – Bellevue College – 9 am – 5 pm
World’s Largest Annual Gathering of Mustangs –  Entry $20.00 per car (No Pre-Registration) – Gates open at 7:30 am.
Contact – William Smallwood III 425-773-0130
Join us on Sunday July 16th for the World’s Largest Annual Mustang Show. Vote for your favorite cars and see if they win one of the trophies. And oh, there will be vendors around to sell you food, coffee and car parts. Admission is $20.00 at the gate.

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Host Hotel


The host hotel will be:

Red Lion in Bellevue
11211 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 455-5240

Room Rate is $135.00/night

Click here to book your room

Deadline for rate is June 23th, 2016

People’s Choice 2016 Results

1964 1/2 -1966 Coupe  

1st Ken Simington

2nd Donald Isaacs

3rd Matty Culp

1964 1/2-1966 Convertible        

1st Tiffany Dagan

2nd John Dahlbeck

3rd Gary Dagan

1965-1966 Fastback       

1st Chris Herzog

2nd George Roberts

3rd Jim Frost

1967-1968 Coupe           

1st Sara Verble

2nd Mary & Steve Bertoddi

3rd Dave Reinhart

1967-1968 Fastback & Convertible

1st David Glidewell

2nd Jeff Olsen

3rd DeLance Britt

1969-1973 Coupe, Sportsroof & Convertible      

1st Brian Zannow

2nd Dennis Kennedy

3rd Joanne Verble

1974-1978 Mustang II   

1st Jonah Wallace

1979-1986 Coupe, Hatchback & Convertible      

1st Bob & Jennifer Wybbolts

2nd Heidi Roth

3rd Dale & Nathan Fisher

1987-1993 Hatchback & Coupe


2nd Richard Nordlund

3rd Chance Cudaback

1987-1993 Convertible

1st Kelly Heathman

2nd Tony Zanet

3rd Matt Fraser

1994-1998 Coupe           

1st Matt William

2nd Alexandra Ziebeil

3rd Jacob Derring

1999-2004 Coupe

1st John Fitzgerald

2nd Augustine Parker

3rd James Baldwin

1999-2004 Convertible

1st Phil Ramsey

2005-2009 Coupe (V8)  

1st Dylan Moriarty

2nd Ron Chapman

3rd Stacy Smothers

2005-2014 Convertible

1st Kirk Myhre

2nd Peter Lee

3rd Chris Hall

2010-2014 Coupe (V6)  

1st Michael Moriarty

2nd Aaron Schmick

3rd Kyle Martin

2010-2014 Coupe (V8)  

1st Joshua Crabb

2nd Ray Fletcher

3rd Diana Garcia

2015-2017 All  

1st Zoe Jorgensen

2nd Ben Hillburn

3rd Tom Brekke

1964 1/2-1966 Modifieds           

1st Brian Fitting

2nd George Santo

3rd Rich Hughes

1967-1973 Modifieds   

1st Beau Miklethun

2nd Ed Haywood

3rd Tom Patterson

1974-1986 Modifieds   

1st Dan Skific

2nd Lance Beckstrom

3rd Dennis Mickleberry

1987-1993 Modifieds   

1st Katie McKinnon

2nd Mike Hagen

3rd Jacob Heathman

1994-1998 Modifieds   

1st Justin Ross

2nd Dave Hawley

3rd Kavoos Mansourzadeb

1999-2004 Modifieds   

1st Andrew Davidson

2nd Colin Holeman

3rd Jacob Ramirez

2005-2014 Modifieds   

1st Troy Leswick

2nd Dave Watson

3rd Tony Emery

2015-2016 Modifieds   

1st Morgan Thornton

2nd Joey Bader

3rd Michael Swift

1967-1973 Cougars        

1st Jeff Bingaman

2nd Cameron Benoit

3rd Chris Osborne

1965-1966 Shelby         

1st Greg & Cathi O’Connell

2nd Allen Cheng

3rd Scott & Lindy Wahl

1967-1968 Shelby         

1st Mike Potter

2nd Dan Harringa

Steve Parker

1969-1970 Shelby          

1st Barry Zane

2nd Tom McFarlane

3rd Brian Denny

2006-2009 Shelby GT, GT-H & GT S/C

1st Tony Jeglum

2nd Steve Heileson

3rd Jeremy Little

2007-2009 Shelby GT 500            

1st Shay Wallin

2nd Mike Roll

3rd Brian Trifts

2010-2014 Shelby          

1st Mark Korst

2nd Mike Rasmussen

2015-2016 Shelby          

1st Jerry & Dawn Siciliano

AC Cobra            

1st Gunther Potschka

2nd John Rogers

3rd Pete Caldwell


1st Gerald McGinness

2nd Salina Bailey

3rd Mike Thomas

1965-1973 Special Editions (California Spec, etc)             

1st Rick Melvin

2nd Kyle Awes

2007-2014 California Special     

1st Glenn Edgar

2nd Scott Jennings

3rd Lakhinder Singh

2001, 2008-09 Bullit, 2003-04 Mach I     

1st Lance Sheppard

2nd LC Coupe

3rd Mark Hollars

1969-1973 Mach I           

1st Susan Stadshaug

2nd Eddie Hill

3rd Larry Lee

1969-1971 Boss (302, 351 & 429)             

1st Skip Gaebe

2nd Bruce & Drew McKibben

3rd Ed Rohrbaugh

2012-2013 Boss 302       

1st Steve Androsko

2nd Duane Lodell

3rd Ana Maria Walstrom

1984-1993 Saleen Hatchback & Coupe  

1st Scott Robinson

2nd Tom Rice

3rd Bill Sellers

1984-1993 Saleen Convertible 

1st Hugh Carino

1994-2004 Saleen Coupe            

1st Marc Thomas

2nd Aaron Lonson

3rd Nick Thomas

1994-2004 Saleen Convertible 

1st Bart & Janice Johnson

2nd Al Provost

3rd Dan Hayduck

2005-2009 Saleen Coupe            

1st Sergio Nunez

2nd Burt Kreidler

3rd Aaron Shields

2005-2009 Saleen Convertible 

1st Tony Laffranchi

2010-2014 Saleen Coupe & Convertible

1st Jeffrey Walker

2015-2016 Saleen Coupe & Convertible

1st Car #225 no owner information

1993-2004 SVT Cobra Hatchback & Coupe          

1st Aaron Cawthon

2nd Joey Torina

3rd Rick McGuire

1994-2004 SVT Cobra Convertible          

1st Greg Arseveault

2nd Gena Black

3rd Bruce & Margaret Petersen

1993-2016 SVT Lightning, Raptor & Tremor        

1st Kameron Roberts

2nd Michael Trujillo

3rd Chuck Greene

1994-2016 Roush            

1st Edward Greybeck

2nd Stephaine Strack

3rd Thomas Swanson

2010-2016 Roush            

1st Pam Pistella

2nd Larry Reece

3rd Kevin Rawls

1984-1986 SVO

1st Scott Robinson

2nd Eric Antoine

3rd Markku Kesala

1903-1959 Ford

1st Brian Zahnow

2nd James Fletcher

1960 -1979 Ford              

1st Salina Bailey

2nd Ron Colletti

3rd Ric Johnson

1980-2016 Ford

1st Daryl Yourk

2nd Erica Gomez

3rd Percy Hazel

1960-2016 Ford Truck   

1st Sonny Alvarez

2nd Kirk Myhre

3rd Mike Kahler